City of Sydney
Winner of the East Darling Harbour International Design Competition
In association with Hill Thallis Architecture + Urban Projects & Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

2005 – 2006
This Open International Design Competition was the first to be held in Australia since the Sydney Opera House. The first stage attracted 137 entries from around the world, and resulted in the selection of five finalists invited to continue to a second stage. Other finalist teams included such international luminaries as Richard Rogers, Thom Mayne, George Hargreaves and Martha Schwartz.

The Berkemeier Irwin Thalis team was selected the winner of the second stage in March 2006.

The project is for the development of 22 hectares of redundant dockland on the western edge of Sydney's CBD. The proposal includes 11 hectares of public parkland and open space, and a mixed use development with about 400,000 sq.m of gross floor area.